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"Alumni Alliances is a private alumni network, not associated nor endorsed by your university. Since we're private and not affiliated with your schools alumni association, our alumni have direct access to their fellow Alumni to ignite their business, relationships, and ability to grow a robust community network. Today, 1 million Alumni are enjoying the freedom to communicate using the Alumni Alliances Platform".

- Tom Donahue, Founder & CEO - August 2023

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Alumni Alliances: Best Young Alumni Networks for Success and Connections

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Exclusive Access to a Vetted Leadership Circle:

Alumni Alliances stands out as more than just an alumni network; it's an exclusive, carefully vetted community of over a million members, each a verified leader in their field. This selectivity positions it as one of the best alumni networks, offering unparalleled access to elite professional opportunities and insights. Its members, including Presidents, CEOs, and VPs, create a distinguished network for graduates of top U.S. colleges and universities, making it a hub where excellence meets opportunity.

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Career and Entrepreneurial Advancement:

Alumni Alliances provides a unique edge for career progression, especially for those aiming to climb the corporate ladder. It offers access to hidden job markets, direct connections with decision-makers, and industry influencers. Furthermore, it's an ideal platform for emerging entrepreneurs. The network, rich in business leaders and potential investors, becomes a fertile ground for nurturing business aspirations and accessing crucial resources for funding and guidance. This makes it a preferred choice among young alumni networks for budding entrepreneurs.

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Mentorship and Long-Term Professional Relationships:

One of the key benefits of Alumni Alliances is the mentorship from individuals at the apex of their careers. Young alumni can leverage this network for invaluable guidance, shaping their professional paths effectively. Beyond facilitating career advancement, Alumni Alliances fosters an environment for developing long-lasting, meaningful professional relationships. This unique platform not only accelerates careers but also offers mentorship from industry bests, establishing it as a beacon among young alumni networks and redefining the essence of being part of one of the best alumni networks.

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Tom Donahue
Chief Executive Officer
Class of '85
BS, Finance
University of Southern California
professional diversity network
Doug Derringer
Chief Revenue Officer
Class of '89
BA, Journalism
Ball State University

Board of Advisors

professional network
Jeffrey Witous
Class of '83
BS, Business Administration
California Polytechnic State University
professional diversity network
Randy Prout
Class of '84
BSME, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
California Polytechnic State University
professional networking
Patrick Howell
Class of '87
BA, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Art History
San Diego State University

What We Offer

Raise Capital

Secure funding for your business or non-profit from trusted sources.

Empower your company by starting a fundraising campaign and gain access to potential investors and venture capital.


Showcasing startups and businesses owned and operated by students and fellow alumni looking to raise capital.

Fund member-owned Nonprofits and charities.

Search Jobs

Seek better opportunities and avoid the clutter to get discovered

Connect with trusted recruiters, decision makers, hiring managers and executives.

Recruit Talent

Find the top talent you need to grow your business and prosper.

Connect with alumni you may know from your Alma mater.

Promote Business,
Real Estate

Promote your company’s products and services.

Attract new leads and customers.

Promote Real Estate Offerings

Provide Business

Find and connect with relevant business products and services to provide business solutions.

Partner up and collaborate with people nurtured from the same school of thought.

Seek Mentorship

Receive knowledge from high achievers in the industry to reach your goals and thrive.

Seek mentorship from alumni cultivated from the same philosophies.

Mentor Others

Share your experience and set the foundation for others to succeed.

Interact with startup founders and entrepreneurs in your industry.Mentor alumni and students that seek knowledge and guidance.

Network And Connect

Rediscover old friends and make new contacts.

Build new personal and professional relationships all within a trusted network.


Organize or find alumni reunions and member get-togethers.

Setup private events, conferences, workshops specific to your profession and industry and invite fellow members.


Connect with elite alumni and global leaders.

Interact to learn about their success stories.

Search And Find

Search and find people who share your interests, background or passions.

Hang out with your tribe within a trusted circle anytime, anywhere.

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Merch and Perks

Unbeatable offers and epic deals exclusively for Alumni Alliances Members.

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Help Us Make Alumni Alliances, A Unique, Trusted Source For Meaningful Connections Within The Alumni And Student Community.

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Disclaimer: Alumni Alliances is a private community for Alumni from over 80 major U.S Universities. We are not endorsed or affiliated with any University Alumni Associations.

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